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We make it easy for Corporations and Individuals to give back time and connect with social impact causes you care about. Find your tribe and begin earning Karma today. 

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The power of purpose and connection in an increasingly disconnected world.

Discover your purpose and personal legacy.

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Make today the day you connect with your community and spread good karma.

Join our community

Make today the day you connect with your community and spread good karma.

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Giving back is an easy way to make a difference, meet new people and boost happiness because when you “Do Good, you Feel Good.” 

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“Taking advantage of technology to help community and society shows that we still care for each other. Thanks again.”
One Another Member
“Because someone will always need help, and one day that someone will be me.”
One Another Member
"Because I'm really lucky with my life and I want to help others less fortunate”
One Another Member
“Because it’s the right thing to do! We all need to chip in and support one another during this challenging time. I feel for people who are self isolating and aren’t able to get groceries and supplies.”
One Another Member
“I know it’s hard for a lot of people to ask for help and mine is an invisible illness so I look like I should be able to do things for myself. It’s especially hard for me to ask as I fear judgement.”
One Another Member
“I’m so blown away by this incredible app! I’m perhaps your biggest fan”
One Another Member
“I think of my own grandmother at times like this - her neighbours always helped her.
One Another Member
Thank you - this can't happen fast enough.”
One Another Member

Every bit of kindness counts

Here are a few examples of areas that you can ‘offer’ or ‘request’ help in. No task is too small or too large. The community is here for you no matter the task.

Running Errands

Pick up groceries or walk a dog.

Handy Tasks

Mow the lawn or assemble a shelf.


Have a friendly chat or drop in for a visit.

Business support & 

Offer your services in kind to initiatives and local businesses

The opportunities to connect are endless.

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