Connect and Earn
Karma Credits

Karma Credits act as a secondary reward for being part of the Good Human Economy. Helping turn intentions into action.

Karma credits are rewarded to our members to drive ‘Good Human Economy’. Earn points for each connection you make, which can be redeemed
 at our Karma Partners. 

Are you a local brand or professional who wants
to give back and join our Good Human Economy?

How it works

Become a Karma

Credit Provider

Reach out to find out how you can connect
directly with customers in your community.

Reward kindness

and connections

Provide rewards to our members to help turn
intention into action.

Benefits to your business

Connect directly with your
customers in your community
Increase your CSR by helping

reduce loneliness
Increase brand awareness via
partnerships and media collaborations
Increase customer acquisition
and retention

Karma rewards marketplace

Is a marketplace of local brands offering unique products and services to our members
as a secondary reward to help inspire human connection.

View and redeem
your credits

The more you connect, the more
Karma Credits you earn
which can
be redeemed at merchants
promoting connection.

Are you in it just for the feel good?
No dramas – pay your points
forward to a member or charity/

Example Karma Rewards and Industries

Health and wellbeing

Buy a coffee, get one free

Food and Beverage

50% off dinner for two


Buy an experience,
get one free


Buy an experience,
get one free

Karma merchant partners

You’re in good hands. All are welcome to help inspire human connection.

Interested in joining as a Karma Merchant?