We create Good Human Economy© by connecting our communities via acts of kindness and volunteering.

We are a social enterprise donating 50% of our profits to help make the world a better place. 

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Giving good humans the power to unleash kindness in a way that suits them.

Because people need OneAnother:

  1. Connection is a basic human need of life.

  2. Loneliness, depression, anxiety, and suicide are skyrocketing across the globe

  3. Research has shown loneliness can be as harmful as 15 cigarettes and 6 alcoholic drinks per day.

  4. Volunteering rates have been and are plummeting since 2010

Good Human Economy©

A living, growing, connected ecosystem of good humans and brands that wish to do good for society.

It’s for humans that wish to improve their social impact and be a part of the solution. They care about the world and the mental well-being of those living in it.

We’re enabling frequent acts of kindness to connect communities across the globe.


Meet the team

Meet the kind humans behind OneAnother

Karma Squad

Are brand ambassadors who are passionate about our mission of reducing loneliness. You are responsible for organically sharing our message to encourage more humans to join our community. Helping grow our social impact and the Good Human Economy.

Join the Karma Squad

We are always looking for passionate humans
who wish to help grow the Good Human Economy©

Our Story

Our Commitment

We are a social enterprise trying to make the world a better place. This is our commitment.

50% Profits Donated


  • We will donate 50% of our profits to charities within the Good Human Economy© or within our choosing.
  • Ideally, within the mental health / loneliness focus

10% Time


  • We will allocate 1x full day per fortnight for all our employees to volunteer in a way that suits them, on their terms. Do good, feel good.
  • Dedicated to volunteering to whomever you choose

10% Products and services

To brands that need it

  • Donate our product or services to brands or charities that can’t afford our premium features or need help.

Our Core Values


Understand first, then act in the best interests of our fellow humans in need in a respectful manner.

Whether it’s giving our time or listening ear, providing physical help or donating our business skills without making assumptions.


We value one another’s integrity and privacy. Our platform is intended to accommodate for a variety of needs.

OneAnother aims to build a tribe of supportive humans and help them thrive in a judgement-free community.


Action inspires HOPE, which inspires CHANGE.

We have a deep conviction to inspire good humans with good intentions to take action. To join a like-minded tribe where they can belong and spread kindness. Our platform is designed to make frequent acts of kindness easier than ever.

One Another is here for you
So you can be there for others

Join our community

Make today the day you connect with your community and spread good karma.

Join our community

Make today the day you connect with your community and spread good karma.