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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we are free to download and sign up. Yes, it’s free to post offers of help and post requests for help. (Coming Soon) If you choose, there will be a small fee for completing your police background and working with children’s checks. Which is completed via WorkPro.

Yes. All user signups are verified via a code sent to their emails or phone. All users are 18+ verified by google and apple app stores. Users also have the ability to complete a police background and working with children check. All users will be able to review each other’s profiles before approving or declining the applicant.

Once a connection is made. Users can communicate with each other on the platform using our in-app messaging functionality.

We are always learning and know we have a higher chance of success as a team. Below are some key areas we can use help:

  • User Acquisition: please invite all your friends and family to download the app.
  • Organisations / Charities: please put us in touch with any organisation needing help finding volunteers.
  • Investors: please share with any potential investor to help scale our impact across the globe.
  • Any other open constructive feedback.

Karma Credits are a secondary bonus for helping others. The more you connect the more karma credits you accumulate. These credits can be claimed at participating merchants as a further way to connect our communities. (Coming soon)

Yes. We do not and will not sell or share any of your data. More here via our privacy and terms of conditions.

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