We are changing the way Corporate Australia give back. Join or get left behind.

Empower all employees to find their purpose, give back and connect with their communities in a way that suits them. 

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Trusted by many brands who see value in supporting their employee wellness journeys

Only 15% of employee volunteering hours are used. This is not good enough showing that the current model is broken.

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We are a movement. Join now, or get left behind.

Employees and Customers will only work with brands that have a people-first culture and an effective CSR program.

Improve employee connection

With remote work, employees are feeling more lonely and isolated. They are searching for their purpose.

Respond to what your employees are needing

The next gen are demanding Corporates do more with their CSR programs.

Measure your CSR and volunteering impact

Corporates now have to measure and report on their social impact or face heavy fines & scrutiny.

Improve your employee value proposition

Boost employees wellness and productivity to improve company culture and attract top talent.
"Employees that Do Good, Feel Good"

Foster meaningful connections through acts of kindness

Empower your employees to give back to their community in a way that suits them:

  1. AI matching employees with personalised opportunities
  2. All forms of community opportunities in one platform 
  3. Employees earn Karma Credits as a secondary bonus the more they ‘do good’

Make giving back easy.

Measure your companywide CSR impact

Gain access to real-time data and insights tracking your companywide social impact.

  1. Measure the impact giving back has on employee productivity and happiness.
  2. Share your impact to all stakeholders.
  3. Competitive advantage to hire talent and win business.

    Awareness is the first step towards change.

Train & embed 'Good Human Changemakers' within your company culture

Hire an external or train internal changemaker’s who are certified experts on our Good Human curriculum to ensure change & engagement is adopted.

  1. Empower advocates to implement and grow CSR
  2. Raise awareness with tips & tricks, on the importance of being a Good Human
  3. Ensure ‘kindness’ is engrained in your culture

Together, we leave a legacy.

Employees thrive when they have a sense of purpose,
give back and are connected with OneAnother

How OneAnother works

Join the community in 4 easy steps

Create a
company profile

Upload and invite your employees,
via an easy CSV upload

Employees search the marketplace to complete solo, group or company wide volunteering events in a way that suit them.

Company wide reporting to measure your Corporate Social Impact.

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Let us organise an opportunity for you

Wanting to do a team bonding volunteering event but don’t know where to start or don’t have time?

Step 1:
Contact Us Now

Take 30 seconds to detail the style of event you’re looking for, the team size, interested categories & style, timings, any budget or additional information.

Step 2:
Confirm Event
We will work with our Charity partners and provide different options to create a custom event based on your needs.
Step 3:
On the Day
Both the Charity and OneAnother will provide all the necessary information. Turn up, do good, have fun, feel good. Leave the rest to us.

Join the new school
'Good Human Economy' movement

The Good Human Economy is an ecosystem of brands and Good Humans working together, connecting the world to increase global happiness.

Old School: MANUAL & HARD

  1. Selfish approach / ticking boxes
  2. Giving back is hard
  3. Outdated, manual processes
  4. Difficult adoption

New School: EASY & FUN

  1. Selfless & teamwork working together
  2. AI matching tech making giving back easy
  3. Easy, fun, rewarding technology
  4. Changemakers ensuring engagement

Benefits to your Corporate

Employees that do good, feel good

Increase employee connection through volunteering

Increase and improve your Corporate Social Responsibility and Company Culture

Attract and retain top talent
Boost Happiness & Productivity



Top features & products include
  • Up to 250 employees
  • Post offers & requests
  • Access to charity marketplace
  • Advanced searching
  • My karma rewards
  • In-app messaging
  • Closed feedback loop
  • Mobile app & desktop
  • Basic reporting


Monthly = $2 per employee per month.
Annual 20% Discount = $1.60 per employee per month, paid anually.
Everything in free plus:
  • Up to 250 employees
  • Platform & marketplace customisation
  • Advanced reporting data & insights into CSR impact & trends
  • Auto 12 month renew


Custom Pricing
  • Get in touch to discuss a custom built product and onboarding for a purpose built solution.

Additional Perks

Extra benefits for helping us help the world

Quarterly Lunch n Learns educating the importance of being a ‘Good Human’

Top Company & Champion entry into the quarterly ‘Health Retreat’ draw

Individual leading contributors get free merch and Karma Rewards

OneAnother donate 50% of our profits back into the Good Human Economy

Together, the Good Human Economy can connect the world ensuring we leave a kindness legacy for generations to come. What are you waiting for!!