3 DAYS LEFT: Own a print for just $70 and raise funds for humanitarian impact

Agender is a platform for change, dedicated to celebrating and supporting the talents of Australian female photographers. Agender, a collective of female and non-binary photographers, launched Photographs for Peace, an affordable art charity print campaign featuring the donated works of 31 artists. In response to the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, largely impacting women and […]

A Not So Perfect Pitch

Not so Perfect Pitch - Blog Title

I’ve pitched countless times in my career. Working in PR for nearly two decades, pitching is an integral part of the role.  I’d even go as far as to say that pitching is my key skill. I’m confident that I can create a pitch and present it to any client, current or potential, with confidence, […]

Interview with Lisa Hollinshead, co-founder OneAnother – Power of Purpose

My name is Lisa and I’m the co-founder of OneAnother.io. My story of how I came to found OneAnother and how 250 people came together to connect and create a solution for loneliness due to a combined longing for a sense of purpose. The beginning I founded One Another in March 202 off the back […]