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3. Challenges Turning Positive Intentions Into Action 

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For all founders out there.

Does this sound familiar to you?

“Mate, I love the idea. Let me introduce you to an investor.”


“I enjoyed the experience. I’d be happy to write a Google review for you.”


“Yes, this is a solution that would solve our problem. Happy to sign an Expression of Interest.”

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Please don’t take these examples as negative or to come across the wrong way.

These are simply examples that we have come across in our founder journey. These are the biggest challenges that we have been dealing with at OneAnother.

It’s just a fact.

Humans have good intentions but have various challenges in delivering them into action.

I wish to open the can of worms and discuss these in a safe, judgment-free way.

For me, with all the positive energy and intentions that we have been surrounded with since ideation 3 years ago- may have given us a misleading sense of hope.

Yes, the challenge is difficult.

Yes, the founder’s journey is never easy.

Who else has been experiencing a bubble of positive intentions but lacking action?

Our platform’s purpose is to turn humans’ good intentions to volunteer into action.

So we welcome the challenge.

As we know, good intentions are not good enough.

We need action.

We, as humans, do have good intentions.

But with the decrease in our attention span. The rise in marketing and the increasing number of people, brands, and communication channels fighting for our attention.

Getting action from your customers, friends, and members is proving more and more difficult.

Yes, typically, brands rely on discounting their product & services.

But that is not aligned with our OneAnother brand, especially as a free volunteering marketplace.

The question I’m asking…… How do we get people to act?

Yes, we can always lead with value. They say you need to provide value 5+ times before you ask for something in return.

However, this strategy even has its downfall.

We have been trying authentic communication. Simple communication. Only using one call to action. Putting our members first.

With minimal results.

I’m hoping this article raises awareness and brings founders together to help tackle the problem.

Who else has been experiencing this challenge?

What ways have you used to overcome this difficult conundrum?

All feedback is welcomed.


Chris Ingate | Co-founder