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4. Founder Tattoo Insights: “A negative mind never leads to a positive life.” 

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Welcome to the second part of Getting to Know Chris Ingate through his tattoos.

For those, I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with and delving deep into my values.

Which oddly keep finding their way onto my body, permanently.

Will know that I have set out in life to achieve a tombstone headline that reads, “A negative mind will never lead to a positive life.”

My purpose in life has been and always will be to “inspire positivity and happiness in others.”

But some may question, can you truly be positive all the time?

Isn’t it healthy for the mind to be negative and let off some steam?

But the world is not positive, so how can I possibly be?

These are all welcomed views, but I think it’s all about the old saying, “practice makes perfect.”

In my opinion, statistically speaking, the more you practice being positive, the more often in life you are likely to be positive, in turn, increasing your statistical chances of being happy.

“Your energy flows where your attention goes.”

Energy is contagious.

Positivity, even minor, can impact a friend, a colleague, a partner, or a stranger’s life more than you know.

Every single thing that occurs in your life gives you either a 50.000001% chance of responding with a positive or negative mindset.

“You can’t control what occurs in your life, only how you react to it.”

Is it a setback or a learning curve?

Will I honestly care about this in 30 minutes or 5 years from now?

Will it cause long-term suffering?

To put it simply, how can I turn this into a positive situation? To me, this aligns nicely with the knowledge that ‘the obstacle is the way.’

If we view all life setbacks as an opportunity to learn and grow, that is a powerful mindset worth having.

Specifically on the OneAnother journey, we have:
– Nearly run out of money
– Great teammates and colleagues come and go
– Failed partnerships
– Limited adoption
– Self-doubt

All founders know that the startup journey is nothing but setback and challenge one after another.

With a growth and positive mindset, we can turn all these setbacks into opportunities.

The glass is always half full, ensuring my cup is overflowing.

How can I make others happy if I am not happy myself?

My positive mindset aligns with my life purpose to ensure I always try my best to “inspire positivity and happiness in others.”

What setbacks have occurred in your life where a positive reaction has been fruitful?

(**I’m grateful for the understanding of those fellow good humans who have had unfortunate life-changing experiences—where a positive reaction is deemed impossible. I’m aware you have been through incredibly tough times, and I can only speak for my personal life story and experiences. I welcome all challenging opinions in a safe, judgment-free way.)

With gratitude and growth,
Chris Ingate | Co-founder