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Is Sydney losing its sense of community? 

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Is it just me, or is Sydney losing its sense of community?

I can only speak from my personal experience of living in Sydney for the past 2 years.

I am nearly 31, born and raised in Sydney, and a very proud Australian.

However, in 2019, I decided to move to Austin, Texas, which was the greatest decision in my life.

Only once you have left a bubble can you truly reflect inward.

Leaving Sydney led to my increase in maturity. I become more aware of who I am, what I do for fun, what makes me happy and how I wish to live my life.

To this day, I wonder if I would have had any of these revelations if I had decided never to leave Sydney.

Another element I noticed is how friendly, connected and strong Austin’s sense of community is.

For anyone who has travelled there, you would know that every second stranger or so, would connect, look you in the eye and say a proud “howdy.”

This is only a specific example of community connection but a powerful one to understand their mindset towards each other. 

I would always encourage members of the community to dig deeper than a small “howdy” but it’s a great starting point. 

This is a trait I personally bring back to Sydney, and try my best to engage with strangers along walking trails, on public transport and waiting in cafe lines.

Is it just me? Or does Sydney feel like it’s losing this sense of being friendly to strangers?

Why in Sydney is it weird to say ‘hello’ to someone on the street?

Why do we fear looking at strangers in the eye?

Why do we avoid the homeless like they don’t exist?

Why are people labelled as ‘weird’ if they approach the opposite sex at a venue?

Why do work colleagues repeatedly make the same small talk in the office or lifts without going deeper?

Why do some, neighbours constantly complain about minor problems versus fostering positive neighbourly interactions?

Why are people not encouraging each other to challenge themselves when in the gym? Or fist bumping during the workout?

Why do we always wear both headphones in the gym and on public transport. Effectively wearing a sign saying, “do not talk to me.”

I know people use this time to listen to music and podcasts, disconnect, or wind down, but all day, every day, every gym session, every commute? 

Is there not a little bit of room for human interaction?

Why are we letting ourselves become more self-isolated?

Is it fear of being rejected?

Being called weird?

Is it because we prefer living in our comfort zone?

Are we too busy to simply say hi?

Or, is it because we feel more comfortable speaking through our phones?

I believe it’s due to the rise of technology.

I am grateful to have grown in a period before iPhones.

I do not have any kids but we all can see firsthand the negative impact that technology is having on our mental health.

Think about the generations who will grow up with technology, social media, online bullying and constantly comparing their entire lives to others.

It is estimated that only 7% of communication is through words. The majority of the way humans communicate is through tone and body language.

Human connection is a basic need of life, but we see our communities becoming more and more disconnected every day.

In Australia, 51% of Aussies feel lonely every week. That is 1 in 2 of your close friends, colleagues, and family feeling isolated and alone.

I fear this number will only continue to grow.

Humans need to belong to a community. Working together. Having a shared purpose. Caring for each other. Helping each other.


Is the exact reason we are all here living and breathing today.

If our ancestors didn’t figure out how to work together as a community. Humans would not exist.

It may sound like a gross exaggeration, but, if we continue on our current trajectory of losing our sense of community.

What would that mean for our evolution?

I encourage everyone to think about their daily routine, environment and mindset towards their own small community.

If every human on this planet treats their tiny community with respect, positive interactions, communicate and support one another. The snowball momentum will take hold and connect and create a happier world.

I ask you today.

Do you feel like Sydney is losing its sense of community?

If so, why?

Is there something I am missing?

How do we overcome it?

“Do Good. Feel Good”


Chris Ingate | Co-founder

PS- If this does provoke some conflicting thoughts, please communicate your opinions judgment-free. Respectful conversations are what make a dinner party fabulous. We welcome all opinions, and we please always communicate in a positive, respectful manner.