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Enable your employees to unleash kindness in a way that suits them, increasing happiness.

Employees that ‘frequently do good, frequently feel good’

How OneAnother works

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Employees search the marketplace to complete solo, group or company wide volunteering events in a way that suit them.

Company wide reporting to measure your Corporate Social Impact.

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What’s in it for me

Because 50% of Corporate Volunteering days are not utilised and 70% of millennials studied listed their company’s commitment to the community as an influence on their decision to work there.

(*Volunteering Australia & Deloitte Gen Z and Millennial Survey 2022)

Improve employee connection

With remote work, employees are feeling more lonely and isolated. They are searching for their purpose.

Respond to what your employees are needing

The next gen are demanding Corporates do more with their CSR programs.

Measure your CSR and volunteering impact

Corporates now have to measure and report on their social impact or face heavy fines & scrutiny.

Improve your employee value proposition

Boost employees wellness and productivity to improve company culture and attract top talent.

Sydney Social Impact

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“OneAnother identifies a real gap in the market and very timely because mental health challenges are not going away.”

Every bit of kindness counts

Here are a few examples of areas that you can ‘offer’ or ‘request’ help in. No task is too small or too large. The community is here for you no matter the task.

Running Errands

Pick up groceries or walk a dog.

Handy Tasks

Mow the lawn or assemble a shelf.


Have a friendly chat or drop in for a visit.

Business support & 

Offer your services in kind to initiatives and local businesses

The opportunities to connect are endless.

Benefits to your Corporate

Employees that do good, feel good

Increase employee connection through volunteering

Increase and improve your Corporate Social Responsibility and Company Culture

Attract and retain top talent
Boost Happiness & Productivity

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Hear firsthand from our members the impact human connection can have.

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To ensure that no one on the planet ever needs to feel alone again.

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Join our community

Make today the day you connect with your community and spread good karma.

Join our community

Make today the day you connect with your community and spread good karma.

Will you help your employees
Frequently 'Do Good, Feel Good' ?