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Best Alcohol-Free Sips for the (not so) Silly Season

Sin free sips

I’m going to throw it out there, being sober curious isn’t a trend that’s going to disappear any time soon. As the silly season approaches, it can be argued that this is the optimum time to explore what life might look like without the long dreaded hangovers and foggy brains. How so? I hear you ask – well I’m a believer in the philosophy that if you can master willpower at the trickiest time, then the rest off the time will be a breeze!

If you’re thinking of trying out a life without alcohol on for size, turns out you’re not alone with 25% of people aged 17-29 identifying as non-drinkers.

Also, over 400,000 Aussies have made the decision to drink less this year, so don’t forget, just because it is alcohol-free doesn’t mean those drinks at a dinner party have to be water.

So those on mission to adopt an alcohol-free lifestyle this festive season and beyond, we’ve tried to make it that little bit easier with tasty alcohol free, and delicious alcohol removed options.

Whether a thirst-quenching mocktail, alcohol free spirit and delicious mixer or a zero beer, we want to ensure you don’t miss out. Here’s our round up of the best spots, sips and sober curious perfect pairings to consider.

Sober Curious Sips

Seedlip is the staple to any sober curious cupboard and was one of the first to skate up the alcohol-free industry. Safe to say that this non-alcohol spirit is defying the laws of distilling, largely attributed with the increase in zero alcohol options across the board. It also packs a punch in the flavour department.

The Mindful Mocktails is helping Aussies smash their booze-free goals with a selection of non-alcoholic recipes such as the festive inspired booze-free Eggnog.

If you’re more off a beer fan, but want to enjoy a refreshing schooner without the associated boozy blur, we’d love to recommend Australia’s lowest calorie non-alc beer brand NORT.

A new alcohol-free beer that is making waves after raising a record breaking $250,000 in less than 24 hours via its Birchal crowd-funding raise is Beneficial Beer. Brewed for humankind under solar power, and using techniques that ensure our beers are full-flavoured, they’re dedicated to being ‘Beneficial’ by name and by nature.

Beneficial Beer has 3 core range Aussie classic beers and a couple of limited-released beers, with each one winning an award for taste. Stone Cold Lager, Wagon Drivers Pale Ale and Dave’s Drunkenless Dark Ale – a new addition to the alcohol-free market.

VIA Drinks are a sophisticated range of all natural, non-alcoholic drinks made using the the finest botanical ingredients & natural adaptogens. The mood boosting beverages are low-calorie and GMO, vegan & gluten-free.

If a glass of fizz to enjoy the festivities is more up your street, here’s our top picks for alcohol-free bubbles to toast the season of goodwill:

Vinada Tempranillo Rose

An award-winning wine, VINADA Rosé hails from the La Mancha region in Spain, where it’s crafted from a special blend of Tempranillo grapes. This delightful Vegan non-alcoholic sparkling wine offers a conscious choice for those looking to enjoy a flavorful beverage without the guilt. It’s light on the calorie count, boasting just 22 calories per 100 ml, making it a waistline-friendly option. With its fruity, dry profile and hints of red fruit, this Rosé presents a refreshing flavour complemented by fine bubbles, harmonious acidity, and subtle tannins. RRP: $23.99

Fizzero Zero Alcohol Sparkling Rosé

An invigorating and meticulously harmonized alcohol-free beverage that fuses effervescent fermented grape juice with top-quality green tea. RRP: $14.99

Maggie Beer Non Alcoholic Sparkling Chardonnay

Maggie Beer’s Sparkling Chardonnay is a non-alcoholic beverage crafted from Chardonnay grape juice. It mirrors the effervescence of Champagne and the rich texture of fine wine. It delights the senses with fragrant notes of passionfruit and sweet mango, which seamlessly transition into the palate’s ripe papaya and guava flavors, concluding with a refreshing, dry hint of fresh lime. For the best experience, serve this beverage super chilled in a champagne flute. For a revitalizing Sparkling Chardonnay spritzer, combine it with mineral water and pour over ice. RRP: $12.99

Grant Burge Prosecco Zero

Employing the same meticulous winemaking techniques that define our existing Prosecco collection, Grant Burge Prosecco Zero is meticulously produced in Australia, primarily sourcing its grapes from cool climate regions within the country. This 0% lighter option presents delicate flavors of fresh green apple, succulent lemon, and white peach. RRP: $18.99

Sober Curious Spots

The Alma Group (a delightful coastal Mexican restaurant with locations in Avalon and Freshwater) consider themselves pretty forward thinking in the alcohol-free space having offered sophisticated low and no alcohol spirits for a while now, with takes on cocktail classics like the margarita given a ~delicious~ sober twist… All priced at $15! 

Applejack Hospitality also offer a selection of alcohol free options at its restaurants and bars including The Botanist, Bopp & Tone, So Cal and The Butler.

Cock (mock) tail recipe

If you’re looking to create mock-tails at home, Lyre’s Pink London Gin’s Pink Lady Cocktail hots the spot every time. The Product of The Year Awards best beverage 2023 award winner has been impossibly crafted to capture the essence of a Pink Gin with a flavour profile of floral with notes of rose, cherry, red berry and blackberry followed by a generous gin focussed finish. This cocktail bestows upon you a fusion of fruits and delectable savouriness that will transport you to a realm of rosy euphoria.


  1. 60mL Lyre’s Pink London Spirit
  2. 30mL cloudy apple juice
  3. 15mL pomegranate syrup
  4. 30mL egg whites (or aquafaba chickpea water)
  5. 1 tsp organic apple cider vinegar


Shake brief with ice. Strain into glass.


Skewered cherry or dried orange wheel

(RRP $44.99 Pink London Spirit – Available from Woolworths, SansDrinks, Liquor World, Lyre’

If you’re looking to go a little fancy pour the Dry London & Tonic into a wine glass or stemless glass add lots of ice and a slice of ruby grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary and you have the perfect occasional (guilt-free) G&T.

(RRP $99 24 cans of G&T – Available from Woolworths, SansDrinks, Liquor World, Lyre’