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Rimba Sweat – Sauna and Ice Bath


Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ll have probably seen the rise in prevalence in hot and cold therapy. I’m a HUGE advocate of this and try to do this at least once a fortnight (ideally once a week).

I was invited to review Rimba Sweat recently and can safely say I was converted into a regular instantly.  Something about having the ice baths and the Swedish style traditional sauna in one bespoke wet room space made it so much more appealing.

Rimba Sweat refers to the space as the first ever communal contrast therapy room in Sydney. A session of communal contrast therapy is a practice where you alternate between hot and cold, to encourage expanding and contracting of blood vessels. This is amazing if you exercise a lot, or have a sports injury as it significantly reduces muscle strength loss and aids in recovery (as the repairing blood cells are being pushed to the injured area faster). Aside from the benefits relating to recovery, hot and cold immersion therapy brings an incredible sense of euphoria and energy. 

I tend to alternate between 10-12 mins in the sauna before plunging myself into the ice bath for 3-4 mins.

If you’re keen to try for yourself, here’s some benefits which you an expect as a result of the investment:

Benefits of Sauna:

  1. Relaxation and stress relief: Saunas can help promote relaxation, reduce stress, and provide a soothing environment to unwind.
  2. Improved circulation: The heat in saunas helps dilate blood vessels, leading to increased blood flow, which can enhance circulation.
  3. Detoxification: Sweating in saunas can aid in the elimination of toxins from the body through the skin.
  4. Muscle recovery: Saunas may help reduce muscle soreness and aid in post-workout recovery by increasing blood flow and delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.
  5. Skin health: The heat and sweating in saunas can cleanse the skin, open up pores, and promote a healthy complexion.

Benefits of Ice Baths:

  1. Reduced inflammation: Ice baths can help reduce inflammation and swelling in the body, which can be particularly beneficial for athletes or individuals recovering from intense workouts or injuries.
  2. Muscle recovery and pain relief: Cold temperatures can help alleviate muscle soreness, decrease muscle damage, and speed up the recovery process.
  3. Increased alertness and mental well-being: The shock of cold water can stimulate the body and mind, increasing alertness and providing an invigorating sensation.
  4. Improved circulation: Cold water immersion can constrict blood vessels, which can aid in reducing swelling and improving circulation.
  5. Enhanced immune function: Regular exposure to cold water may stimulate the immune system and increase the production of white blood cells, which can help improve overall immune function.

Rimba Sweat is located in Neutral Bay and offered me a complimentary trial. All words and opinions are my own and I am now a fully fledged paying customer. 

Rimba Sweat is running a limited time only introductory offer for new customers to Neutral Bay – for $99 you can purchase a three-session, all-access pass. For more details, head to or follow @rimbasweat on Instagram.