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Five Wellbeing Apps for Females

5 apps for wellbeing

As a female founder I’m often looking for tools to support productivity and of course my health. As someone who has had issues with both mental and physical health in my adult life, these tools can be a godsend when it comes to getting through testing times and high workloads.

Headspace & Calm: Headspace and Calm are great meditation and mindfulness apps which offer a variety of guided meditation sessions. They can help reduce stress, increase focus, and promote overall mental well-being. I use these apps to prioritise my mental health and find balance.

MyPTHub: This home workout app that provides personalised fitness plans based on my individual goals, preferences, and available equipment – my PT is also able to curate plans for me to do with workouts and nutrition. It offers a wide range of exercises and allows me to keep up to date and track my workouts and progress. I specifically use this app to stay active, even when my schedule is hectic and make sure I incorporate exercise and nutrition into my daily routines – no matter where I am.

Clue & Flo: Clue and Flo are comprehensive women’s health apps which offer features for menstrual cycle tracking, ovulation prediction, and pregnancy planning. They also provide insights into fertility, pregnancy, and general women’s health. I benefit from using these to stay informed about my reproductive health, points in my cycle (which make a huge impact) and make informed decisions regarding family planning.

Overall I would say that I’ve found that routine massively affects my productivity in a really positive way. If you’re busy studying, on a deadline or have a lot on your plate I can’t recommend getting these apps on your phone more highly.