Interview with Lisa Hollinshead, co-founder OneAnother – Power of Purpose

My name is Lisa and I’m the co-founder of My story of how I came to found OneAnother and how 250 people came together to connect and create a solution for loneliness due to a combined longing for a sense of purpose. The beginning I founded One Another in March 202 off the back […]

Port Macquarie, a place where connection is commonplace

As part of the new content series on ‘Good Humans, Good Content’ we’re looking to explore great places, events and activities which centre around connection, wellbeing and happiness.  One of those places, which I was invited to check out recently is Port Macquarie. A great spot for families, singles and couples alie this vibrant coastal […]

Rimba Sweat – Sauna and Ice Bath

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ll have probably seen the rise in prevalence in hot and cold therapy. I’m a HUGE advocate of this and try to do this at least once a fortnight (ideally once a week). I was invited to review Rimba Sweat recently and can safely say I was […]